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  • Molly Sinkewicz

For country music fans...or not

I'm not a huge country fan. I enjoy it when I'm driving around in the summer with the windows down, but I couldn't name a song or a major artist beyond 'pop country' stars like Taylor Swift. Despite this, I couldn't resist the chance to explore the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and I think its a great experience regardless of your opinions on trucks and fishing.

A short walk away from Broadway where you'll want to visit bars with live music, interesting shops, and more niche country music star museums, this place is a must-see. The costume exhibits alone are worth a look (country stars tend to like glitter and pizzazz, think Dolly Parton). I will say, prepare for a lot of reading because the museum likes large boards with lots of information. For more visual museum-goers like myself, there are also displays like the giant guitar explaining the anatomy of the instrument. Whoever named the 'Sound Hole' wasn't very creative!

Before heading out, take a while to look at the wall of records. So many gold and platinum stars have their names and faces on this display!

I walked through this museum in about an hour, but you could easily spend a whole day in there if you love the genre. If you're short on time, its still worth a buzz through to give you some appreciation for the musicians before heading down the road for a moonshine and some hot chicken.

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